Welding positioner HADZI-3500

HADZI-3500 heavy-duty welding positioner is an ideal piece of equipment for easy manipulation of the parts being welded manually or semi-automatically. The positioner enables achieving the optimal position for the welded part by enhancing the comfort of work for welders and by the same token improving the quality of the welds. The positioner enables tilting in the range of 0° to 135°, stepless adjustment of the rotation of the disc from 0,07 to 2,00 rpm as well as selecting the direction within the range of 0° to 360°.

Standard equipment:

  • DIN 508 mounting tee slots (M20, 4 pieces) for mounting holders and clamps
  • a hydraulic drive for lifting and lowering the arm of the bench
  • control pedal for starting and stopping the equipment (START/STOP)
  • 6m pendant control

Additional equipment:

  • mounting holders (M20, 4 pieces)
  • clamps (4 pieces)
Bench diameter [mm]Recommended height
of the welded part [mm]
Recommended width
of the welded part [mm]
Recommended length
of the welded part [mm]
Bench tilt
adjustment range [mm]
Bench rotational
speed adjustment range[rpm]
Load with the bench
positioned horizontally [kg]
Load with the bench
in the maximum tilt position [kg]
10001500100020000 – 1350,07-2,0035001000
Bench tightening torque [Nm]Maximum tilt torque [Nm]Power supply [W]Power of
the rotating motor [Kw]
Height [mm]Width [mm]Length [mm]Weight [kg]
707003601,1930 – 198097024501800