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The policy of BAGRAMET Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.] in Bytów centers on running the company and delivering the products and services in accordance with the requirements of quality, reliability, and national and international standards. We are commited to conducting business in a constantly customer-oriented manner, with a friendly approach to the work atmosphere and the natural environment.
To support and increase customers’ satisfaction, the company vows to meet the following criteria of quality:
  • the products and services offered must fully meet customers’ needs and expectations and be always in accordance with the industry standards and laws.
  • High quality level of products and services and comprehensive range of products and services determine the company’s position in the market in terms of reliability and trust.
Our quality goals are achieved through:
  • implemention, development and continuous improvement of the ISO 9000:2008 system and integration of the system’s requirements with the environmental managment and work safety regulations,
  • Continuous improvement of partnership with suppliers of goods and services,
  • Systematic approach to motivating employees and improving their qualifications and experience,
  • Communication and awareness of the company’s policy and specific objectives at all the menagement levels,
  • Planning the resources and actions in such a way that ensures quality supervision of production, transportation, and storage, which is to eliminate and prevent imperfections,
  • Identification, planning and managing production processes, and systematic asses-sment of efficiency, including continuous quality improvement processes.
All the employees are held responsible for the quality through carefully allocated tasks and rights. Specific objectives concerning quality are set and developed for all positions and management levels, with the entire staff being involved in their creation and implemention.

The Chairman of the Board is responsible for the creation and continuation of the quality policy and is committed to setting the conditions and internal work environment, so that all the employees can be fully engaged in achieving the set objectives. This obligation imposes a requirement on the Chairman of the Board to provide the necessary means for the implementation of this policy, including the further development and constant impro-vement of the quality management system and the processes involved.

The decision concerning the quality policy was made and signed by the Chairman of the Board.

Bytów, 4’th May 2009
Tomasz Baranowski